Nach Haiti, Chile

In der Nacht vom 26. Auf den 27. Februar wurde das Land von einem Erdbeben der Stärke 8,8 auf der Richterskala getroffen, besonders die Stadt Concepciòn und die Küste. Von der Fokolar-Bewegung in Chile kommen die ersten Nachrichten an.

Bea Isola schreibt uns von einem Gen-Treffen (Gen = Jugendliche der Fokolar-Bewegung), das gerade in jenen Tagen stattgefunden hatte:

"We’re all fine, but we are still trying to get news from those who are farther away and live in the more damaged areas. 

We were at the Mariapolis Center of Cunaco for the congress precisely during those days. A congress prepared for months… but we would have never thought of the program God had prepared for us on that third day.

The certainty of the love of God was very strong in us.  The first thing we remembered that night was really the motto of the congress which they had chosen together…without knowing the programs of the Eternal Father: Have courage, Gen! God loves you immensely! And that poster which was left standing alone in the meeting hall of the congress was the profound sign that remained imprinted forever in our soul!

We lived together the dismay, the apprehension over our families and friends (two of them were in the most damaged places and there was no communication for hours and hours, and with some for two days), and the news also of a friend who died and other acquaintances buried under a dance hall. We accompanied the family of a boy during the funeral of his grandfather whose house near us crumbled above him. We visited the small village, the destroyed stores, people sleeping outside in the open, without water, light… We went out to give of ourselves amidst everyone and with everyone, helping the nuns to empty – also risking our lives – the parish church since it was to be demolished…small acts but which express the strong experience of mutual love that we were living.

In Chile, a place that suffers from social injustice, fraternity is growing! And it can be noticed everywhere!"


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